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"Karen, great job this evening... I work with a lot of CEO's and plan to have the opportunity to inform them of your skills. Again, thank you very much! - you exceeded expectations! "
-Mark Van Heuvel
Leiden Capital Group


"I was so happy with the results within myself I wanted to share with my entire staff what Karen had to say. The impact on the employees was incredible it really made them dig deep within themselves and ask the questions...Many employees made significant changes in their life. Some stopped unhealthy relationships. Some prioritized their life and some just starting loving themselves and their families with all their heart. As a gift I gave each employee the opportunity to have a one on one session with Karen on my dime to learn more about themselves.... I recommend everyone do this for their employees it is an investment and it definitely sends a message you as an employer care. It goes a long way."
-Cindy Witcher
LA-Z-BOY of Oregon




'Mastering Your World'...Life ABSOLUTES

THEE Instruction Manual For L.I.F.E.
"I am the outpicturing of my emotionally driven thoughts and actions."

This is not a quick fix program...this is for life!

Business Mastery

My Process Is Based On Sound & Time-Tested Principles

I am ready to help you co-create the future. Together we'll examine the AS IS - where your organization is today. Next we'll identify the SHOULD BE - what you want the organization to become.

Produced Results

My work has been proven to produce immediate measurable outcomes for your organization, while ensuring long-term results. That being said, each process remains individually tailored to specific people, processes, and situations within your organization.

Who is this program for?

For the Executive, Business owner or those ready for a life time of business success. The truly successful company grows no matter what the economy is doing… Are you growing?

You say you have the best product and advertising on the market…success is all about the cause. Effect is the reason for most failure. Do you know the difference?

The company that is driven by the bottom line always ends up losing in the end. Greed only motivates an employee for a certain amount of time before resentment; low productivity and destructive behaviorism kick in…the one bad apple.

LaVoie removes the bad apple syndrome from the formula of the company structure and environment by starting at the top of the organization and implementing the simple, immutable laws of energy. Those laws are: Human emotions drive thought into an action which creates an end result, whether it is positive/constructive or negative/counter-productive is based on the value of the emotion that is qualifying the energy driving the thoughts and actions. Thus all outcomes are the direct result of the emotional choice of the individual i.e.: your executives, company policies, training programs, managers and associates/workers. This is what creates and drives the success or destruction of every company in the world since the inception of “business”.

End results of implementing this program:
Better numbers and less energy exerted by management “motivating” employees.
Less hiring and training “replacement” employees.

With the success of your company and truly happy employees your company will be a sought after place of employment. Your company is now a magnet for the cream-of-the-crop employees…creating a cycle of continued success and prosperity.

You and or your company will receive the fundamental program 'Mastering Your World' plus, the special elements required for athletes to excel beyond their perceived potential.

"I am excited to say after practicing being more postive, I have since doubled my loan production. It was like a magnet, I got 7 referrals since and am doubling my production and tripling my income.  Thank you so much Karen for your brave words and positive attitude that you emulate on others." -Dave Van Nus, Smith & Jordan Financial Services

Today, create a unique program just for you and or your company or I will assist YOU with a personalized program.

Office: 503-312-0913
Email: lavoie@masteringyourworld.com
Website: www.masteringyourworld.com

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