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“Karen LaVoie is a positive, high-energy, talented person   ...she is unstoppable.”
-Cynthia Kersey, Author of ‘Unstoppable’

"Thank you so much I feel so at peace right now and really light.  I just feel like a whole new person again.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank  you!"

-Wanda C.

I saw you on tv yesterday, Karen.  Oh how we could change the world if everyone followed your wonderful advice. -Trudie Wiliams







“ Karen LaVoie is a positive, high-energy, talented person…she is unstoppable.”
-Cynthia Kersey, Author of ‘Unstoppable’ and many more books

WOW! Glorious glory. I am pretty blown away. THANK YOU. Countless angels singing in gratitude for your work. SO beautiful and soothing. I received many wonderful messages and saw more clearly for first time what I beleive to be my etheric twin I was laying on an altar and a large knife came down and sacreficed my body and out of the heart emerged my twin- another me- but kind of glowing white and  in white gown and with white owl? headdress like a painting of susan seddon buelet rainbow limbs - felt my feet tingling- it was all very healing and the words though I didnt understand them all the time-which was perfect I loved them.  I drank them in - my soul understood them and recorded them like yes please tell me the story.

Body jerked a few times. there was voice - like an older grandmother and she was speaking very intensely and I could not tell her tone  it did not seem exactly angry but it seemed serious like when you are child and need to understand something important? I will listen again and see what she was telling me. 

The notes sang made sacred geometry symbols in my body! I saw bodies of water and thought maybe they were telling me to visit the water - and then I understood I need to drink water which is true I am dehydrated but I have my water bottle and fresh pure water to drink now. Thank you for everything Karen! 

BIG LOVE and pearled fountain gratitude for your light and assistance this evening! -Mary

"Personally, I have read Karen LaVoie’s book called Life ABSOLUTES and the one thing it does is complete the thought process and give us the missing piece of the puzzle that many great books leave out. I know you will get 10 times the value of this information than what she is charging for her seminar. Miss this and you may not be able to complete the puzzle for any area of your life." - David Sides, author of Spirituality-Unlocking the Mystery

Excellent writing. Unbelievable, the best book besides the bible. I am going to keep reading this book everyday. It is teaching me so much and I see beauty every moment of the day! I believe every soul on this earth needs to read this book. No KIDDING! I am so grateful. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.God bless you!"
-Jean Mark

Dear Karen,

I finished your book yesterday. I have to tell you that I loved it. I found it brilliant and genius. Even stranger I have started to hear and learn about the law of attraction a month or so ago and watched this movie called "The Secret" and was floored.... and then there was a portion in your book about it. I found that to be ironic and interesting that I attracted this concept into my life. Simply a fascinating topic!

Everything you write about is so accurate, it makes total sense and it registers like a ringing bell. It's familiar, in some way. It's like you have all the answers and they are coming from this very high source in the universe, or even from g-d or angels. Incredible! When I read the book I felt so giddy and happy, I noticed after each chapter I felt more positive, safe, resolved and clear. Since reading your book there have been changes, some important "family" ones that I hope are going to be for the better. I sort of knew about colours but you explained it so beautifully and clearly, so much makes sense now, and I now understand why your book is white. But Karen, you get it; you know the answers to life and YOU REALLY ROCK!!!

- Erin Weinstock

"Karen LaVoie's book, Life ABSOLUTES, really helped me learn how to use
and apply complicated spiritual principles to my everyday life. For
example, I read Karen's book while I was interviewing for a full time
position at the William Morris Agency and used some of her
visualization and Law of Attraction ideas throughout my interview
process to help me get the job.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences."

In Gratitude,
Matt Welsh, Author of The Bottom Line www.followyourpassiontoday.com

" LIFE ABSOLUTES Thee Instruction Manual For Life" - written by Karen LaVoie is not only a must read book it is a must use book. Included are insights to being a true master of our own life, confirmation of our purpose, and day to day successful living. My book is already highlighted, underlined and showing signs of use. I highly recommend the truths between the covers of this gem."
– Rev. George Truett Crawford

" Karen LaVoie is an Overwhelming and Awesome individual. In my own life experience it is not often when I have encountered and become friends with anyone who exudes and emanates more Positive Polarity, Uplifting energy than Karen LaVoie.

In "Life ABSOLUTES" Karen presents a simple and guided step by step program by which anyone can transform their life and affairs. Get Your Own Copy of this book. Proceed through all of the steps which Karen clearly outlines in each of the chapters.

Then watch your life transform itself into that Joyous and Happy Bliss we were all intended to experience from the day we began our journey from birth in this lifetime. May you all be Blessed with Abundant Health, Infinite Prosperity, Eternal Divine Love and all the Joyous Activities of your own Divine Plan Fulfilled.

Thank you to my dear friend Karen."

Sincerely Devoted "I AM" Student of Beloved Saint Germain (name withheld by request)

“Yes! I enjoyed the book very much and will read again and again. Karen- Today as Absolutely wonderful. When I am doing my work I am in total bliss-heaven.

Also, I love the audio book. It allows me to stay on track guiding me in a way that assists me in staying out of the negative, judgment and the human traps that can sabotage my life. What I love is some days I may feel out of sorts not really clear as to exactly what it is that is causes my ‘imbalance’-I just allow my inner voice to guide me to the CD that is right for that day and it is always the one that helps me to get back to where I need to be—guiding me and allowing me to find what I need to adjust in myself.

I could not listen to this audio book enough. Every time I gleam something new that assists me in being one with my source and inline with the path I am meant to follow. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
– Cheri Atkinson, actress

"Karen, great job this evening... I work with a lot of CEO's and plan to have the opportunity to inform them of your skills. Again, thank you very much! —you exceeded expectations! "
Mark Van Heuvel

"I was so happy with the results within myself I wanted to share with my entire staff what Karen had to say. The impact on the employees was incredible it really made them dig deep within themselves and ask the questions...Many employees made significant changes in their life. Some stopped unhealthy relationships. Some prioritized their life and some just started loving themselves and their families with all their heart. As a gift I gave each employee the opportunity to have a one on one session with Karen on my dime to learn more about themselves.... I recommend everyone do this for their employees it is an investment and it definitely sends a message you as an employer care. It goes a long way."
Cindy Witcher
LA-Z-BOY of Oregon

"Karen has given me a new perspective on how to approach the creative aspects of my work. She's enlightened our production company creatively and given us important tools that we can utilize on a regular basis that will assist us in achieving our goals and success."
Patrick Lamb-musician/song writer/singer
Patrick Lamb Productions

" I couldn't have made those changes without you!!!! When I say you're my angel, I'm being quite serious. If I hadn't found you (and I do believe I was guided to you), I would still be wondering what to do with my life! Now, I know and have the courage to follow my dreams and won't quit until they come true!!! I really can't thank you enough!!!!!!"
-Christina Rivers-LA Actress

“Karen gets it, she motivates and inspires.”
Michael Sander, CEO

“Karen has reacquainted me with my inner self and inner strength.”
Heather Hydrick, LMT

Had an exceptional gift while in Oregon -- got to listen to a gal by the name of Karen LaVoie. DYNAMITE!!! I was just so impressed -- have to share the experience.

Have sent my accolades to Everyone on my address list that is in a position as staff of anything -- or -- companies where they might want to jazz it up a bit and give their people A CHANCE TO LOOK AT THEIR LIVES. Also -- to individuals I know who are "Searchers!" I am truthful in my praise.

Know the Best awaits you -- if you decide to listen to Karen. It will change your life when put her stimulation of your own ideas back into your life.
Dr. Peter Forrest

‘LAVOIE has been a godsend to my business. Anyone who is serious at upgrading the way they do business needs LAVOIE in their life!”
Bill Matson

“I have been putting your suggestions to work and with great success. People have noticed a difference and it feels great!!! I have been plugging away at the song-bios and that really seems to make a difference not only in my delivery but in my dealing with remembering lyrics. Thanks again for your teachings.”
Mitzi Zilka
Professional Jazz Singer

“Meeting with Karen LaVoie changed my life! I started to listen to my heart and let the truth out! It was amazing to feel the difference in my life…my relationship, my career, and myself!”
Christa Glasgow
Windermere Realty Partners

“Thank you so much for sharing with me your wonderful insight on living and loving life. I woke up before my alarm went off today for the first time in months. As my morning goes on things just keep getting clearer and clearer. Decisions and actions I have taken in the past now make perfect sense why they failed. I feel as if somebody just handed me an “easy button” for life.”

“Things are going really good and again I would like to thank you for your help. I have been able to put the tools that you taught me to work in so many different situations and it always keeps me moving in the right direction. I started a new company two months ago so I could get my auto dealers license and it has taken two months to get everything together but I should be receiving my actual license next week. Work is good too I have changed the energy in the shop and with my customers and now we are always busy.”
Shane Glasgow
Business Owner

"Karen LaVoie coached me back into my power within an hour and I immediately experienced the love and joy that's always there when we allow it. I am grateful to have experienced Karen's love and up lifting energy.”
Love and blessings, -Terry Ellis

The Miracle Mile by Erick Custodio -June 2006 One would think it to be “just” a two week trip to L.A.. Connie and I felt so strongly that it would be a life changing two weeks as we held our breath when the plane touched down on the Bob Hope airport runway. The wheels squealed and we exhaled saying, “We’re home.”

Two years ago I walked in to Karen’s Saturday workshop not knowing at the time that this energetic, positive, spiritual whirlwind of a woman would help me realize my dreams. Expecting to focus totally on acting it came as a surprise when Karen had us work on goal setting. What does this have to do with acting? Walking off that plane under the warm California sun we knew then that it had everything to do with acting. Everything we talked about, prayed about, prepared for and even dreamed about for two years happened in a matter of a week. To see those words written down when we thought it was just an exercise at the time come to life right before our eyes was absolutely amazing.

Karen’s keen understanding of the TRUTH that talent alone can take you so far and that business savvy is a necessary tool for success in the industry helped us get to where we are now. Not only were we ready to perform in the L.A. market but we were ready to do business in the L.A. market….cont.

There are many success in you waiting to come out.

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