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'Mastering Your World'...Life ABSOLUTES

THE Instruction Manual For L.I.F.E.
"I am the outpicturing of my emotionally driven thoughts and actions."

This is not a quick fix program...this is for life!

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An Invitation of Affiliation To LAVOIE
Earn BIG Commissions With Our Superb Income Opportunity!

Dear Internet Marketer,

Ever since selling on the Internet began, companies have adopted affiliate strategies to recruit others to sell their products and services. It's a win-win situation for both the seller and the company. The sellers gets a commission, the company gets a sale.

However, two key problems plague most affiliate programs:

1) The commissions are too low to be profitable.
2) There are too many affiliates who compete with each other.

No wonder that many people are still cashing those $5.06 affiliate checks when they should be earning hundreds of dollars.

The LAVOIE Affiliate Program Is WAY BETTER!

Forget those wimpy commission checks. Forget competing with hundreds or thousands of other affiliates. Our method is quality, not quantity, and because of this we offer:

-Unlimited Earning Potential - NO limits

The opportunity being presented to you is tightly niched, giving you the opportunity to sell like crazy! If you have a desire to promote LAVOIE products and earn BIG commissions, then this is the opportunity for you.

Your Commissions:

20% on first tier

For the life of your client and or LAVOIE affiliate program

The Products...Chances are you've already reviewed the MasteringYourWorld.com site. Quite simply, the products sell really well.

Now you can become apart of the sales force and receive BIG commission checks as a result. This is the product to promote!

Tracking Payments And Commissions

Once you join, you'll be given your own login details to access the Members-only Affiliate Area. There, you'll be able to track your commissions in real-time and check your complete statistics.

You'll be able to find out:

- How many unique visitors you've received.
- How many direct sales have been made
- How many affiliate sales have been made
- Your total earnings, total paid and amount due to you.
- Full order statistics, including date ordered

You'll also be able to download banners and links to put on your website, create ad trackers to keep track of your visitors (and expenses, too). Plus you'll be able to ask us for any help and advice regarding this opportunity via the special affiliate email address.

In short, you can rest assured that full and detailed statistics are available whenever you require them. Our ordering system uses the latest in sophisticated Internet technologies. Everything is processed in real-time, and your commissions are added to and totaled automatically.

You'll even receive an email confirmation every time you make a sale! Let the system do all the work while you just promote.

Our Special TAG System Ensures You Get The Sale!

Unlike so many other sites, we don't just give you credit for people who happen to purchase "there and then" through your affiliate link. We use a special tagging system that GUARANTEES that you'll get credit...

Here's how it works:

Each visitor is tagged with a special cookie that contains your affiliate ID#. So even if they return 3 months later to purchase, you'll still get the credit!

Entry Requirements

Just the desire to succeed!* We only accept marketers who use ethical means of promotion (i.e. No spam) but other than that, you're free to join and there are no sales obligations at all.

So let's get started! Just click the link below to join for free! You will be directed to the legal agreement which will take maybe two minutes to read and then link to the Affiliate Enrollment form.  Thank you for your patiences!

Become an affiliate now!


* You'll also need a PayPal account to receive your commissions. Click the PayPal logo below for your FREE service.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Office: 503-312-0913
Email: lavoie@masteringyourworld.com
Website: www.masteringyourworld.com