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Dear Karen,
This is my first newsletter and I want to thank you for being such a blessing - you are indeed the "voice" of Divine Love!  
Again, thanks for being such an inspiration and blessing.
Love and Blessings from a thankful reader,
Sherry G.
Spurger, TX



'Mastering Your World'

THE Instruction Manual For LIFE (LOVE)
This program is for life

LOVE in Presence (healing) sessions

"I can attest that Karen has connection to Power beyond comprehension. She did some healing work on me and the effects were powerful! Thank you Karen!" -J. Lynch

WOW! Glorious glory. I am pretty blown away. THANK YOU. Countless angels singing in gratitude for your work. SO beautiful and soothing. I received many wonderful messages and saw more clearly for first time what I beleive to be my etheric twin I was laying on an altar and a large knife came down and sacreficed my body and out of the heart emerged my twin- another me- but kind of glowing white and  in white gown and with white owl? headdress like a painting of susan seddon buelet rainbow limbs - felt my feet tingling- it was all very healing and the words though I didnt understand them all the time-which was perfect I loved them.  I drank them in - my soul understood them and recorded them like yes please tell me the story.

Body jerked a few times. there was voice - like an older grandmother and she was speaking very intensely and I could not tell her tone  it did not seem exactly angry but it seemed serious like when you are child and need to understand something important? I will listen again and see what she was telling me. 

The notes sang made sacred geometry symbols in my body! I saw bodies of water and thought maybe they were telling me to visit the water - and then I understood I need to drink water which is true I am dehydrated but I have my water bottle and fresh pure water to drink now. Thank you for everything Karen! 

BIG LOVE and pearled fountain gratitude for your light and assistance this evening! -Mary

Subjective Sessions

Fist of all I do not beleive in healing, as Jesus let us beware, the perfection is already there. I am able to assist with that perfection revealing. Therefore, as a Revealer iit is not Karen doing the "healing" it is the Infinite working through me into your bodies! The Infinite knows what is required for you and I am the channel is expresses through. And at the same time knowing I am the ONE.

I am aware of many beings working through me / as me. Anastasi Medicine beings, Merlyana, dolphin consciousness, Language of Light Angelic and many more.

As every being is at different stages of their journey - with different “issues” to work on at different levels of "consciousness"... everything experienced will be different from one session to the next, and from one person to another. With that said, I believe every session with every one of my clients is amazing and “miraculous”. With each session you will become more aware of the experience and experience such a peak level of awareness... and awakening.

Please note: I personally do not believe in healing. As Jesus, I am aware that you are perfect. This is what I KNOW for YOU!

What you may experience: "HEALING" AT ALL LEVELS

"I had hike the day before and fallen and broken my nose, cracked my cheekbone, two BLACK EYES, with a gash on the side of my nose. I asked Karen to do some healing work on me. Within less than 24 hours, my blackened, swollen eyes were gone. Gash on nose healed and no scar or eidence of its existence and the nose and check bone far along in the healing process..

This is what I call a miracle." - Leila Bronson, CA

"I was very fidgety last night in anticipation for Karen's session with me . I tried to lie on my back and relax for at least 30 min, but began fidgeting and gave up, rolled on my side and fell asleep quickly attempting to sense my third eye.

Today I felt more relaxed than usual .... less compressed//dense ... as though something heavy wasn't there any longer. I usually have trouble sensing subtle energy changes, but definitely felt calmer for days after Karen's work on me, just seems like events and drama simply glide by now.

Don't miss out on this !!

Thank you Karen ... and for sharing your joy and 'bubbliness' .... and just for being you :-))" - Stan


Work with your Higher Self: “Thy will be done, not mine.”
Cancel contracts and agreements. There had to be a reason why I was unable to get out of this bad relationship I had gotten myself into.
Physical "healing": I had taken on too much in this lifetime and my life plan was re-written. My allergies and arthritis got much better and later gone.
Emotional "healing": I was so open and sensitive that I often pull things from others, but that was going to stop. I also let go of Gaia for I was attempting to heal all humanity.
Mental "healing": I felt so depressed, overwhelmed and angry….out of control.
Repair Auric field, open chakra’s and balance: a little physical tuning here and there and then off to other lifetimes and planets. Hold on-- wormhole or dimensional shift…needed to integrate my past lives, I had fragments scattered all over the universe. I left a lot of my power in other time zones and I needed to reclaim it.

So much "healing" is subjective. Like everyone else, I love tangible results and you will have those too.

Just like our physical body requires food and rest and other things to nurture it, so too do our other bodies. Anytime one meditates or fasts, you are feeding your bodies. Most people figure if they spend one hour a week in a religious ceremony, then that's all that God or spirit needs. And maybe for the mass collective that's enough.

But if you are looking into energy healing and have found my website, then you have awakened enough consciously that you know there is more out there on the spiritual-metaphysical levels than the status quo. This is part of the search to reconnect with your higher selves and with God.

Being as "together" and whole as you can be will make you happier with your SELF. With healing services YOUR chances of manifesting your hopes and dreams increases dramatically.

Keeping a balance is a constant dance. It's so easy to put too much emphasis on one area or another in our lives.

YOU now have the help and the guidance you are seeking to achieve this balance. This is one of the few things you can do exclusively for SELF. Being the best YOU will allow YOU to take care of the many others in your life to the best of YOUR ability.

I wish I had jumped on this offer sooner - but perfect timing none the less.
Karen is great at bringing truths into application. I have been launched
into a direction that is where I need to go - inevitable as it i

Sessions are an 1/2 hour. At the schedule time you call me and you listen and relax in a quite, peaceful and comfortable place and surrender to your Higher Self to have healing done.  I have been told by many clients the healing continues well past the "end" time of the sessions.  You see the Infinite does not "know" time.  So ENJOY the process!

I AM  a vessel through which assistance is rendered from many aspects of the Infinite whether it be your Higher Self, Angels, Ascended Masters, Beings of Light...the possiblilites are PURE LOVE.

Please note: I AM not charging you for the results as that is free from the Infinite.  I AM charging for my time.

"Karen offered a session to me and I still (months later) think about it and can feel the effects of it. I way laying in my bed and had my eyes closed and it was like I could see arms waving around me. Also I saw what was like a movie of people. I know that I (we/us/one) was clearing patterns that went back. I still think about that session and how it helped me. Thank you Karen". - Susan H.


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