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“Karen LaVoie is a positive, high-energy, talented person   ...she is unstoppable.”
-Cynthia Kersey,Author of ‘Unstoppable’

"I was so happy with the results within myself I wanted to share with my entire staff what Karen had to say. The impact on the employees was incredible it really made them dig deep within themselves and ask the questions...Many employees made significant changes in their life. Some stopped unhealthy relationships. Some prioritized their life and some just starting loving themselves and their families with all their heart. As a gift I gave each employee the opportunity to have a one on one session with Karen on my dime to learn more about themselves.... I recommend everyone do this for their employees it is an investment and it definitely sends a message you as an employer care. It goes a long way."
Cindy Witcher- LA-Z-BOY
of Oregon


You have the potential to rise out of mediocre into extraordinary…
Soar, climb and fulfill your potential!


I share and inspire mastery of self.  How much success is up to you.


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I saw you on tv yesterday, Karen. Oh how we could change the world if everyone followed your wonderful advice.

You did a great job! You addressed all the reasons why you and your approach are so wonderful. I met you at the Women's Fair last October (my husband and I were celebrating our anniversary!). One week later my beloved mother passed away. A month after that my beloved dog was diagnosed with cancer. I KNOW that if I had not kept positive I would have given in to my ego. Instead I bounced back and re-found the joy in my life. Thank you.
  -Trudie Williams



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