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AH*HA Journal

*  This journal is in full color - interior and exterior *


YES, the cover is very faint for a reason.  I personally have discovered the most profound AH*HA moments are "faint"...subtle ones.  So it is my hope that the faintness of the cover inspires you to listen to for the "faint" AH*HA messages in life along with the WOW ones.

100 pages   .   Laminated Hardcover   .  Size: 7" x 10"

This book will not only inspire you to journal all your AH*HATM moments while reading the book "Life ABSOLUTES" it will also give you that added momentum to celebrate YOUR successes and manifest more!    *  This journal is full color  *

Note from the author:  It has taken many months to have this finished product for the following reasons.  I chose to have all my products printed and published by American companies.  That being said, every change I requested in color correction, layout ect. cost a months worth of time.  I have put a lot of heart felt choices into this journal to hopefully inspire you subconsciously too....right down to the colors, formatting and words picked in the introduction.

As far as the cost is concerned.  It cost more to have products made in the U.S.A. for many reason and I am OK with that and I hope you the consumer appreciate the efforts put into bring you all the products offered on this site.


ONLY : $29  




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If you're still on the fence, read some of these testimonials.

“ Karen LaVoie is a positive, high-energy, talented person…
she is unstoppable.”
-Cynthia Kersey, Author of ‘Unstoppable’

" Karen has given me a new perspective on how to approach the creative aspects of my work. She has enlightened our production company creatively and given us important tools that we can utilize on a regular basis that will assist us in achieving our goals and success."
Patrick Lamb, Patrick Lamb Productions

"I finished your book yesterday. I have to tell you that I loved it. I found it brilliant and genius. Even stranger I have started to hear and learn about the law of attraction a month or so ago and watched this movie called "The Secret" and was floored.... and then there was a portion in your book about it. I found that to be ironic and interesting that I attracted this concept into my life. Simply a fascinating topic!

Everything you write about, is so accurate, it makes total sense and it registers like a ringing bell. It's familiar, in some way. It's like you have all the answers and they are coming from this very high source in the universe, or even from g-d or angels. Incredible! When I read the book I felt so giddy and happy, I noticed after each chapter I felt more positive, safe, resolved and clear. Since reading your book there have been changes, some important "family" ones that I hope are going to be for the better. I sort of knew about colours but you explained it so beautifully and clearly, so much makes sense now, and I now understand why your book is white. But Karen, you get it, you know the answers to life and YOU REALLY ROCK!!!" -Erin Weinstein

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