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A simple name... cloaked in mystery. It evokes fear and extreme DESIRE. Imagery only hinted at in the pages of Ancient text. Truth Revealment promises ecstatic bliss... a life given over to passion... and days of endless pleasure. But experiencing Truth goes beyond bliss, passion and pleasure. YOUR truth permeates every aspect of your life. Now, when most people think of Truth, they automatically think of FEAR: guilt, shame, going without, suffering and hard work– one of our most primal reactions. But YOUR CORE TRUTH is about connecting with the most primal resources of the cosmos and using them to live your day-to-day life. And when you tap into these resources... you can put YOUR CORE TRUTH to work for you in the mental and emotional arenas of your life just as effectively as it works in the awakening process. So what can truth revealment do for you? Imagine getting a huge financial boost, simply by accessing your truth... Imagine illness gone, simply by accessing your truth... Imagine accessing the deepest, most meaningful levels in your life, simply by accessing your truth... Well imagine no more... because you can achieve any or all of these things… more quickly and easily than you ever dreamed possible. All you need to do is...

Tap Into YOUR CORE TRUTH Revealed During Your Personal Mentorship Sessions.

I urge you to read on as I explain exactly how you can use your core truth to transform your life. Just take a moment to imagine...

  • Looking and feeling younger and more fit: Taking charge of your bodies appearance
  • Resolving old conflicts with parents, ex's, co-workers and the like once and for all
  • Helping others achieve their desires
  • Increase your financial income
  • Discovering true love
  • Establishing a deep spiritual connection with the Universe
  • Experiencing a fulfilling career
  • Finally, speak your truth without guilt, shame and or fear
  • And much more

Truth Revealment Can Change Your Life... Radically

In ancient wisdom, Core Truth means life source. So when you connect with your core truth, you connect with the Universe. Watch a Karate master break huge stones just by touching them with his finger. What enabled him to do this? Mastery of his core truth. Watch an athlete out-perform, out-class, and out-last his opponent. What makes the difference between a winner and a loser? Mastery of their core truth. Watch a couple deeply in love move in total harmony. What makes this couple so special and feel their passion so completely? Mastery of their core truth. Watch someone about step into their new home. On the inside, they’re excited to the point of exploding. But on the outside, cool as a cucumber. What enables them to move forward with confidence? Mastery in every area of your life is possible with Mastery of your Core Truth. A few revealments.

Truth Revealment Number One: Inception

Anything you want in the world can be yours. As soon as you begin to access your Core Truth using this secret formula, you experience immediately transforms. Inception has been at the root of all powerful nations and people. Some not with the best intentions, but nevertheless -- INCEPTION was the secret of the power. By mastering the wisdom of inception you will use your energy to liberate your mind and reach your fullest potential. Something dramatic happens to people who begin to use this knowing. They begin to experience magic in their lives. Nothing they want seems out of their reach. Everything changes.

Truth Revealment Number Two: Your Emotional Body

Before you can love others you must love yourself first. And it is impossible to love yourself unless you are balanced... For years, religious leaders have told us to love others. Fine. But at the same time, we ignore our own needs... We shine our love on others but we live in darkness... By accessing your Core Truth, you learn how to live in balance. Before becoming a light to the nations, you must become a light to yourself... Trust me. It sure beats stumbling around in the dark... Your Core Truth both balances AND empowers you. It helps you change relationships from conflict to love. And this is the way to transform your entire world.

Truth Revealment Number Three: Your Story

We live in fear. Humans fear losing their attractiveness, money, well-being, jobs...We are reluctant to speak our truth and to tell our partners our deepest needs. Core Truth is not about pleasing other people. It’s about exchanging energies to create a connection. It’s about learning how to connect energies and create a deeper and more satisfying story for YOUR life. And it all begins with accessing our Core Truth. The male is not dominant. The female is not submissive. It is not you against the world. It is a story of love, joy,abundance, well-being and passion. And the best part is... your story is not limited. It is every fiber of your life. All you have to do is stay connected to your Core Truth.

The Secrets of Core Truth Revealed

For centuries, if you wanted to learn you had to travel to India or Tibet and find a teacher/Guru. And even if you were lucky enough to find a teacher, there was no guarantee they would accept you as a student. Part of the ancient mystic tradition involved concealing the knowledge and not passing it on. But as I look around the world today, I can’t hold back on sharing something that can transform your life. Something that can bring you more money. Something that can bring you more joyful friendships, well-being and love. Something that will re-write and INSPIRE the way you experience your life.

Truth Revealment...

Are you ready to expand your consciousness further?

Are you ready to have a Truth Revealer be your personal guide for 4 weeks?

Are you ready to dramaticly improve your life through effective personal mentorship?

Are you ready to receive an abundance of knowledge in a variety of different areas?

The Truth Revealment Mentorship program grants you weekly one on one private sessions with me, Karen LaVoie.

YOU will receive personalized assistance. I am a very powerful intuit. This is one reason why I am able to assist you in accessing YOUR Core Truth. Not my Truth. Your Core Truth!

What will you receive once you sign up?

  • A digital copy of my book " LIFE ABSOLUTES ~Thee Instruction Manual For Life" ebook.
  • Skype clients will receive a MP3 recording of their sessions
  • Weekly sessions with me: 1 per week - 20 Intense / Tranforming minutes
  • Email converations once a week if desired


YOU will receive a LOVE in Presence session. This is a session with Higher Beings of Love's Light that work through/as me to clear, balance and increase your overall well-being. This session "miraculously" changes the recipients life. The session is 30 minutes and last as long as the recipient desires it to. This is a $75 value. This gift is transferable. Non-refundable.

YOUR first session begins when you are ready. You get a time slot reserved just for you on a weekly basics.

If you are interested in becoming one of the 12 members for the mentorship program, the admission cost is only $120 for 4 - 20 minute personalized - supercharged tranformational sessions. After your month is up, an evaluation period will be made to determine if you would like to sign up for an additional month.

Remember, space is very limited. If you are interested in the mentorship program, simply reserve your spot via a purchase below or call my office and pay. Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Paypal and Money Orders are welcome.

These special private sessions will dramaticly transform your life. All I ask is that you commit to 20 minutes a week talking with me. Be open, share, listen and do the simple exercises you agree are in agreement with your core truth.. You’ll notice the change right away. I’m making these special 20 - minute sessions available in two forms – either over the phone or via free skype. If you are comfortable using skype on your computer for free,we will talk via Skype. If not we can talk over the phone or trade off and on between the two. ONLY Skype clients receive an MP3 recording of their session.

Simple sign up for my once a week - for 4 weeks, 20 minute Mentorship Program for only $100 for four weeks. This is a huge savings and life changing program.

Want Testimonial from current clients? Call my office and I am more than happy to read them to you and or email them. I am attempting to stay away from what appears to be heavy handed marketing by posting all kinds of testimonials. Office: 503 . 312 . 0913.

Offer Expires January 30, 2011

Pay via PayPal - Safe and Secure - PayPal account or credit card

If you are unhappy with your sessions for any reason at all, just let me know before the end of the 30 days and I’ll be happy to refund your purchase price. I want you to be delighted with your sessions.

Instantly Transform Your Life

These sessions are worth thousands of dollars and they are yours. Just follow along with me and enjoy the changes in your life.

Immeasurable Love,

Life Changing

P.S. I am looking forward to your amazing transformation.

Office: 503-312-0913


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