'Mastering Your World'...Life ABSOLUTES

THE Instruction Manual For L.I.F.E.
"I am the outpicturing of my emotionally driven
thoughts and actions."

This is not a quick fix program...this is for life!



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'Mastering Your World'

Exclusive all day event includes 3 hour workshop on

Thee Instruction Manual For Life

followed up by

Beyond the Illusion into Self Actualization
* I AM *

Plus, one-on-one personal coaching, self discovery and mentoring

Purchase tickets for February 2, 2008

Complete Package w/bonus coaching







It's time to have better relationships, enjoy your perfect career, better health, more wealth, greater success, more free time, more joy and more peace of mind!


Dear Karen,

You are truly an inspiration! Attending your May 12 seminar 'Mastering Your World' helped me to realize all the empty excuses I have been telling myself that are building a wall between me and my dreams. Thanks for grabbing me by the shoulders and waking me up to this new reality - my own life! It's time for me to start putting positive emotioins and thoughts in place and making plans for all of my future goals. Thank you for the blessing you have been in my life!
- Best wishes, Jennifer Haggerty


February 2, 2008 is the next seminar on my calendar for the Pacific Northwest that is open to the public.

Here are the details:

‘Mastering Your World’ seminar covering Life ABSOLUTES-Thee Instruction Manual For Life course and more!

This event is LIMITED to 15 people. It is being presented in my studio with access to a beautiful park and garden setting for lunch and personal discovery time...weather permitting. This exclusive offer is about me giving one-on-one attention,mentoring and coaching to each and every ones request for their personal and professional journey into clarity and self mastery —all in a positive uplifting environment with super charged insight, inspiration for each guest and "knowing" of how to live and be the master of your world!

Please note: this is not a warm and fuzzy wallow in the past event. Nothing personal to those that like those choices. This is an up beat, get focused and be in charge of your life once and for all event! Self Actualize and let go of the human illusion once and for all!

I will be presenting my seminar and then a workshop following it for personal questions and assistance in applying the tools, formula and insight put forth in my book and seminar. Plus, additional insight that is more advanced knowing not put forth in my book or previous seminars.

You will leave this seminar with more Self Mastery: clarity, more focus, more certainty, more confidence and more knowledge and wisdom how to implement and live your purpose in life on a daily basis. YOU will be alive and awaken to the truths of your being and Divine Plan.

A solid vision and action plan will be in place and you will leave knowing that you have arrived and are now BEING you true self and that is the only way to experience life! YOU will truly know February 2, 2007 as the First Day of the Rest of YOUR Life.

A bonus package of 3 hours of personal coaching time to be used after the event, good for 6 months, is included in this special event opportunitY.

WHEN: February 2, 2008
WHERE: 1336 SW Falcon Street . Portland, Oregon . 97219
am – 5 pm (45 minute lunch break: bring your own lunch at keep it in my refrigerator)

Reserve your opportunity today to once and for all be the master of your world.

Complete Package $277 (includes 3 hours of after the event personal phone coaching)







Call in your reservation: (503) 312-0913

Hi, I am Karen LaVoie, I have been coaching for over 17 years in the private sector and I am now sharing my message with you -the public.

After hitting rock bottom the truth was revealed to me, these truths created success in my life.  I am now going to share that formula with you. 

This seminar will reveal to you how emotions are 4 times more powerful than your thoughts and many more AH*HA truths. My purpose in life is to share these truths with the world and I will help you discover yours!

This is not a quick fix formula.  These truths are for life. This seminar is about how to once and for all be the master of your world so that you will have better relationships, better health, enjoy your perfect career and more piece of mind, have more wealth and success and be more happy.

By the way, this is a Great Valentine's Day or an "I LOVE MYSELF" present.  A gift that will be appreciated for life!

So, let go of the past and live the life you are meant to live!  Be there. Saturday, February 2, 2008.

To schedule Karen LaVoie as your Guest Speaker

Call (503) 312-0913


Office: 503-312-0913
Email: lavoie@masteringyourworld.com
Website: www.masteringyourworld.com

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